Enjoy Riverwalk Italian Style With Our Weekly Pasta Specials

Pasta lovers have a host of pasta-bilities at Riverwalk thanks to our weekly pasta special. Our Italian dish of choice changes every Monday. This week it's Jambalaya Fettuccini featuring shrimp, chicken, spicy sausage, red onion, bell peppers and blackened cream sauce with garlic bread.

Next week we’re offering shrimp or chicken scampi with garlic, onion, white wine, lemon juice, butter and a touch of cream.

Enjoy these dishes and other Riverwalk favorites al fresco on our patio. There you can soak up the San Diego weather and take in the beautiful view looking across golf course. It’s a unique and convenient lunch destination when you’re downtown.

Our Sunset Grille is open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. Click the button below to make a reservation. We hope to see you soon!

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Great Golf Course Bracket Challenge: No. 3 is No. 1!
Thanks to everyone who voted in our Great Golf Course Bracket Challenge. After a month of social media voting to determine the favorite hole at Riverwalk, No. 3 on Mission scored a nearly unanimous victory over Presidio No. 2 to emerge as the champion!

The par 4 3rd on Mission is our signature hole for reason. It’s a strategic hole with a double carry over water. Simply avoiding the pond on the right off the tee is the first challenge. A drive of between 220-240 yards positions you perfectly for a wedge into a quasi-island green with a stream in front and gorgeous waterfall with brilliant landscaping on the left.

The green is a smaller target that slopes back to front. You really don’t want a putt back toward the water here. A solid wedge shot left below the hole will usually give you an outstanding look at birdie.

In 2016, No. 3 was included in Southland Golf’s ranking of the best holes in San Diego. It now has another accolade thanks to our golfers and their voting in the Great Golf Course Bracket Challenge!

But don’t just take our golfers’ word for it. Come see for yourself! Come play No. 3 and please share your experience with us! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Yogis & Bogeys: A Q &A About Yoga At Riverwalk On April 12th
Riverwalk will be hosting its first-ever yoga class on April 12th when we hold Yogis & Bogeys at 5:30 p.m. Erin Hanson of Live + Breathe will conduct the class, which will introduce golfers to the benefits of yoga. In this Q & A, Erin talks about the benefits of yoga to golfers and how it can improve your health and game.
Event Information: Yogis & Bogeys
Wednesday, April 12th 
5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Refreshments and Socializing to Follow
$25 (tax deductible)

Notes: Wear golf or other athletic attire.
Bring a yoga mat or beach towel.
Stick around after class for free prizes!

Register for Yogis & Bogeys! We hope to see you there.

Q&A With Erin Hanson of Live + Breathe

Q: For those who do not currently do yoga, which is widely practiced in San Diego and SoCal, how do you explain it?

A: Yoga is a multi-faceted practice that works to integrate both the mind and body. The form of yoga that is most familiar is the physical version with poses that are put together in a special “sequence” designed for a particular style. Each style is developed to emphasize what the participant wants to gain from class (i.e., restorative yoga, hot power yoga). Yoga is a skill set that can translate to many activities and can simultaneously provide energizing and calming effects.  
Q: What are the primary benefits of yoga and how does it enhance personal health?

A: Yoga has several benefits that promote health and wellbeing. In the physical practice, it works to strengthen the body, align posture, improve circulation and increase flexibility. Along with the positive outcomes for the body, the mind also benefits with techniques aimed at reducing stress through moving from our “fight or flight” response to a “rest and digest” or relaxation response.
Q: Increased flexibility is a major benefit and something that’s critical for golf to not only play well but to avoid injury. How does yoga improve flexibility?

A: Yoga improves flexibility through lengthening muscles within poses. In addition, yoga addresses the outer tissue of the muscle known as fascia as well as joint health. Together, this approach increases the body’s overall capacity and works to resolve any imbalances.
Q: What other attributes of yoga are beneficial to golfers?

A: Golfers repeatedly engage their torso and spine in the rotation of their swing. Yoga works to increase core strength and decrease back pain through poses that work on the alignment and stability of the core and spine.
Q: How did the idea for this class at Riverwalk come about?

A: The team at Live + Breathe loves to be active, and one of the many ways is through their enjoyment of golf. The team as a whole is made up of individuals who are looking to improve health and wellness in all aspects of life. To work together with the golfing community, pairs an interest for betterment that can be shared and seen on the course.

This is a class that is also going to assist in the efforts that the non-profit, Live + Breathe, works to achieve with providing free yoga to special populations throughout San Diego. A ticket to attend the class is a tax-deductible donation that is used to cover program costs and offer free classes, many of which serve at-risk youth, homeless teens, children with mental health challenges and individuals with special needs.
Q: Besides bringing a yoga mat, what else do attendees need? We understand the class is being conducted in a golf attire, yes?
A: A yoga mat if available, or a beach towel can also be used in replacement of a mat. The class will be low-intensity with both standing and seated poses. Wearing comfortable attire will aid in the ability to fully stretch and participate in the poses. Whether it’s golf, athletic or yoga-like attire. The class will be useful for all levels of experience from beginner to advanced and easy to follow along with. Refreshments will be provided afterwards at the Grille to enjoy time socializing and free prizes.
Q: The class is one hour long. What can golfers expect to gain and learn from the experience?

A: Golfers who attend will use the tools that yoga provides to strengthen and lengthen the body as well as to focus the mind which can directly impact abilities on the course. The practice of yoga can be incorporated into pre-game, post-game or time spent off the course.
Q: Tell us a little about Live + Breathe. What’s its mission? How did it get started?
A: Live + Breathe is a San Diego non-profit that offers free yoga classes to advance the health and wellness of special and deserving populations.
Live + Breathe.
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Please Join Us For Easter Brunch

Hunting for a great Easter brunch? Look no more. You've found one at Riverwalk!

On April 16th, we'll be serving a delicious brunch buffet from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Join us and enjoy a range of breakfast options (omelets, waffles, bacon/sausage, etc.) as well as lunch entrees (seafood station, pasta bar, salads, etc.) and don't forget dessert - because we didn't!

Pair your brunch with a Bloody Mary or a mimosa to celebrate the holiday. The brunch is $33 for Riverwalk members and $37 for the public. Please send an email to register and have a happy Easter with us!

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Video: A Wedding Day At Riverwalk Beautifully Captured
Have you ever thought about getting married at a golf course? Check out this beautiful video of Jamie and Vanessa's wedding day by Focused Bliss Productions and let us know if Riverwalk might be right for you on your special day.
You can learn more about weddings at Riverwalk, or book, by contacting Madison at (619) 296-1991 or have us contact you,We love celebrating new beginnings and being the start for many new traditions and special occasions!

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