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Access to 2 semi-private golf instruction classes a month



Access to 4 semi-private golf instruction classes a month



*Best Value*
Access to 10 Semi-private golf-instruction a month

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What is the FLEX program?

The FLEX program is a judgement free, highly encouraging environment to learn golf fundementals, meet other golfers and have fun! Each class is a semi-private (6 maximum per class) hour-long golf lesson. Golf balls are provided for the 60-minute lesson. With the freedom and convenience of signing-up online for a variety class topics, our FLEX-ible schedule allows our members to sign up for classes that fit their golf needs and their schedule. 

Whether you are a beginner golfer who wants to learn, or you are an avid golfer looking to improve your game, our Flex membership is for you!

With 16 different FLEX classes to choose from, members can work on different facets of their game with the guidance of highly skilled golf professionals. Between lessons, students are encouraged to practice at Riverwalk Golf Club's putting green, golf course, and driving range (open dawn to dusk 7 days a week. *Tuesdays the driving range is open at 9am and closes at dusk*). Purchase golf balls and tee times at the Riverwalk Pro Shop. Putting Green is Free to practice on.

We encourage all members to ask their instructor any golf related question to help improve their understanding of their golf swing and of the game of golf. We are here to help!.

How to sign-up for a Flex Membership

Step 1:
Select the "Schedule Now" button above, then "Schedule Now" again when you reach the schedulicity.com link above

Step 2:
Create an account and register for a 15 minute "1st Step - Flex Enrollment" class that fits your schedule. This is a non-commitment class where our instructors will answer any questions and give an orientation of the Learning Center and the FLEX program. *Note: This class does not count toward your allotted number of classes. If you feel this is not the right fit, no harm no foul.*

Step 3:
Arrive to your "1st Step- Enrollment" class. The instructor will provide feedback on which classes and membership they recommend based on your golf experience, budget and schedule. If you feel this is the right fit, they will provide you with the necessary paperwork to complete your membership application. 

Step 4:
Sign-up for all future classes each month, up to 3 weeks out on https://www.schedulicity.com/scheduling/RGCSAC/classes

Golf Instruction Class Topics:

Core Classes
 Body Rotation, Aim/Alignment, Half-Swing, Dynamic Balance, Swing Path, Club Face, Pre-Shot Routine 

Speciality Classes
Driver, Fairway Wood/Hybrids, Bunkers, Putting, Chipping & Pitching, Irons, 100 yards & in, Video Analysis

Our memberships have a 2 month minimum, your membership will automatically charge each month unless cancelled via email. Cancellations must be made no later than the 13th of each month, 7 days prior to the 20th's billing cycle. Cancel your membership via email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*Unused lessons expire at the end of each month. Automatic Billing until cancelled. Membership benefits and price are subject to change*

Click here to access the FLEX membership application


What are the membership commitments?

Our Flex memberships have a 2-month minimum requirement. No Shows will count as a class taken for the month. Cancel online, 2 hours prior to your lesson. See above for cancellation requirements.

What happens when classes are cancelled?

Although infrequent, classes may be canceled due to a number if reasons including forecasted (75% chance of rain or worse) or current inclement weather, instructor time conflicts and facility event time conflicts (tournaments). If a class is canceled inside of 12 hours, students will be notified via phone call and email. If a cancelation is made outside 12 hours, students will receive just a cancelation email. Students will then need to register for another class to make up for the canceled class.

How big are class sizes?

A maximum of 6 people is allowed per class (with minor exceptions in specialty classes or clinics).

Can kids join?

Not FLEX classes. We welcome children ages 6-17 to our Junior Medalist membership program. Our classes are organized based on age, skill level, and maturity with 6-12 year old and 13-17 year old specific classes. Click the Junior Golf tab under the instruction drop down for more information.

Does every adult have to take the FLEX Enrollment class?

Yes. The FLEX Enrollment class is an introduction to The FLEX Program. During this session, your instructor will do an evaluation of your swing and your goals to then help recommend your following classes. This is also the time when the instructor relays program details and takes care of the payment process. This class does not count toward your monthly class allotment. If you believe that the program is not for you, there are no commitments to continue through the billing process. Past FLEX Members re-registering do not need to attend.

Do you have to take all the classes once a week or in a calendar month?

One of the advantages of The FLEX Program is the FLEX-ibility. The Standard FLEX Plan allows students to take 4 Semi-private sessions per calendar month. All classes are conveniently booked online to give our students the freedom to register for these 4 sessions in what ever secession they’d like. Whether it’s once a week or 4 sessions in one day, it is up to the student to register for their allotted monthly sessions as there is no monthly rollover of unused sessions.

Is it possible to have less than 4 people to a class?

Yes, depending entirely on the number of people who signs-up, and class sign-ups end up to 2 hours before the class' scheduled time.

How does auto payment work?

Our billing cycle is on the 20th of every month. Your account will automatically charge each month if you do not cancel. Initial payment is made for the first month once the application is completed. To cancel your membership, just send an email to the Director of Memberships at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 7 days prior the billing period (which is the 13th of every month).